Why buy from Firewood Time?

Here are some reasons.
Dana Glover, Lebanon, Maine
After doing business with me the first season he said, "You restored my faith in the firewood guy."
Gregg Dinino of Kennebunk
11/18/2009 regarding permission to use email> He sent back- Absolutely! I meant it, and it would be my pleasure to help you promote your business. Here is part of what he said, It is the first time we have gotten what we paid for...
Glenn Gobeille
Nov 9,2009 That is a healthy 3 Cords
Pete Goss, Berwick
I have bought wood for over 25 years. You are the first person to deliver a full cord of wood.
Kathy Walingford, South Lebanon
We gave about a cord of your wood to an 83 year old lady who had run out. She said it was the best wood she ever had used.
My testimony
sometimes I can't deliver on schedule due to mechanical problems and other unforeseen variables. The testimonies make my company look perfect but that isn't so. The part that I can control is the volume of wood, quality of wood and the length of wood that my customers get. I am uncompromising on those points.
Jeff W., Rochester NH
The service James provides is just fantastic. Our wood always arrives when we expect it, and every piece fits in our woodstove
Marcia Andrade, Sanford
Every time you come, I feel like you are giving us too much wood. Marcia Andrade of Sanford - burned wood for 25 years before getting it from Firewood Time.
Mark Wood, Berwick
How do you keep your wood so clean?
Dave Pennell, Kennebunk
That is the best seasoned firewood we have ever gotten.

Green wood is now $245.00 per cord of wood. Wholesale prices are available. Please contact James for more information.

207-324-3550 woodorders@firewoodtime.com
Firewood Time Sanford Maine
207-324-3550 woodorders@firewoodtime.com